Well, it happened. We got the dreaded disease. And we survived. If you’d like to know what we did to fend off this formidable foe – read on.

I know it’s obvious, but of course I have to say this: This is our experience – not medical advice.

So here’s what happened. My son, Jake, was exposed to the virus and came down with symptoms four days later. My husband, daughter, and I saw him during his pre-symptom days and got it three days after Jake. Yep. It is contagious. He got it at a gathering while wearing a mask (except while eating).

What were the symptoms?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Jake and Rich were hit the hardest. Fever, chills, body aches, headache, loss of smell and taste, stuffy nose, and fatigue. They ran fevers for a couple days and were pretty much out of commission for a week.

Ashley and I, on the other hand, had very mild symptoms. Ashley developed a stuffy nose and fatigue. My main problem was fatigue and very minor cold-like symptoms. No fever for either of us.

Why were the boys hit so hard while it was so mild for us girls? No one can say for sure, but I’ll tell you my theory.

When this whole covid thing arrived on the scene back in March, I started paying attention to natural remedies that were working in other parts of the world – and have historically worked for other viral diseases. The biggest thing I uncovered was Vitamin C. Yes, that simple lowly vitamin. Turns out it packs a huge punch! It doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the work it does in the human body.

Here’s the thing. Vitamin C has been shown to interfere, thwart, and impede (I won’t use the word prevent, cure, or reverse because that would be illegal) many infectious diseases when given in proper dosages. The sicker you are, the more you need.  It would blow your mind if you read this book or watched this video and learned how Vitamin C has been able to win the war against all kinds of maladies such as measles, mumps, pneumonia, influenza, the common cold – and yes, even polio! (And many more!)

So, I stocked up. And all four of us started taking it every.single.day. Day after day. Week after week. Now throughout these past months we’ve had one covid drama after another. I think the drama has been worse than the disease. But I won’t bore you with the details of our derailed life. You no doubt have your own story of what’s been cancelled or rearranged because of this insidious invader. My point here is that we had some important things on the calendar – and to make darn good and sure we were healthy, we kept up with the Vitamin C. Well, the girls did. The boys sorta did, and sorta didn’t. And therein lies the problem as to why I think the boys got hit harder than us girls.

So, what did we do when it showed up at our house?

  1. Took even MORE Vitamin C
    Your body burns through it a lot faster when fighting a virus. We took between 5,000-10,000 mg/day while fighting it…and probably could have done even more. 3,000 mg of it was taken in liposomal form which is much more absorbable (and more expensive). The rest was sodium ascorbate powder mixed into water.
  2. Kept taking our usual Vitamin D3/K2 and Zinc
    I also take a few other things on a regular basis including iodine which has anti-viral benefits as well.
  3. Nebulized diluted hydrogen peroxide
    A few months ago I learned about this and ordered the supplies to have on hand – just in case. Because none of us had any obvious breathing issues, I didn’t start this treatment right away. In hindsight, I would have started nebulizing at the very beginning of symptoms.

Now let me say this. I’m not saying all of this is a magic bullet. Each of us is a complex being with varying degrees of health. The healthier you are when you’re hit with a virus, the better off you’ll be in recovering from it.

The truth – rarely discussed in any Covid conversation – is this:

The most powerful weapon you have against Covid-19 (or any other virus) is your own God-given immune system! Not hiding in your home. Not social distancing. Not putting up plexiglass. Not wearing a mask. Not downloading a tracking app. Not putting cardboard between you and your roommate while sleeping head to toe – yes, that is an actual MN Department of Health recommendation.

The health of your own immune system is what’s going to make it or break it for you if you end up contracting Covid-19 – or anything else for that matter. And, let’s face it, you probably will.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, my friends.

Very few people – and certainly not the talking TV heads – are saying one iota about what actually keeps us “safe” and healthy.  They’re far too busy twisting the truth and fueling fear to ever mention diet and lifestyle habits or simple home remedies that support our body’s immune system.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. I’m preaching to the choir anyway. You already know how powerful it is to build a solid foundation. But I’ll say it again anyway because we all need to be reminded and encouraged that God created our bodies to be well – and to heal when necessary. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good! (Romans 12:21)

So let’s get back to the basics:

  •  Read the Bible
  •  Eat real, whole foods
  •  Stay hydrated
  •  Ditch the sugar
  •  Get 8 hours of sleep
  •  Walk outside with a friend
  •  Take Vitamin C and Zinc
  •  Optimize Vitamin D level

So that’s our story folks. If you want specific details on what supplements and nebulizer we use, fill out the form below and I’ll email you a cheat sheet.

Do you have a covid story?

Leave a comment and share your experience and what you are doing to win the battle and stay well!