Being well is like building a house. Start with a solid foundation, then build the framework, and, finally, furnish it.

Establishing a solid foundation means understanding that God created you with the innate ability to maintain health and restore it when it’s lost – if you get what you need. And what do you need? The Five Pillars of Health: Nutrition, Movement, Cleansing, Rest, and Rhythm. You need nutrients, you need to move, you need to get rid of waste, you need downtime and sleep, and you need to align yourself with the rhythms God knit into life on this planet. And you need them for your spirit, soul, and yes, body.

Building a framework means establishing a lifestyle that facilitates what you need to be well. Framing comes down to forming healthy habits for each of the Five Pillars of Health. Eating real food, moving your body, drinking water, getting optimal sleep, and focusing on priorities are all habits that facilitate wellness. It’s hard work, but once your habits are in place, they become second nature. It doesn’t take any mental energy to brush your teeth…you just do. Why? It’s a habit. A framework of healthy habits facilitate wellness as a way of life.

And finally, once your foundation and framework are in place, it’s time to furnish your house with complementary modalities that fill your unique needs. Nutritional supplements, foam rolling, oil pulling, sauna, massage and many other techniques are highly beneficial. But hear this: It makes no sense to dabble in the finishing touches if your house isn’t yet framed with healthy habits. You can’t hang artwork on walls that aren’t there – though many people try. This equates to taking handfuls of vitamins while consuming processed junk food. You cannot supplement away a toxic diet.

Establish a foundation of knowing you were created to be well, frame your lifestyle with healthy habits, and then add the extras to round out what you need to thrive.