Did you know that everything we think, say, or do either moves us toward wellness or toward disease? Our everyday actions slide us along a continuum of health. Being well is not something we can knock off our to-do list once and for all. There is no one-and-done magic bullet to being well.

Getting well and staying well is a continual process of practicing the fundamentals of health and learning to make better choices day-by-day.

Sometimes we think wellness needs to be a major event like starting a Whole30 or doing a cleanse. While those are great tools, I think it’s important to remember that it’s the little things we do daily – our habits – that determine which way we’re moving on the Health Continuum.

Here are three simple steps to get you moving toward wellness:

  • Fill two quart jars with water each morning and drink throughout the day
  • Read a daily Scripture to start your day start with Truth
  • Jot down your top three to-do’s each day and focus on getting them done

Are you ready to be intentional about moving toward wellness? Join us for our next Wellness Warriors class!