God made food for you and me,
It grows on plants and trees;
It doesn’t come in packages,
Nor cause cancer or disease.

God said certain animals
Are also good to eat;
Grass-fed beef and pastured poultry
Simply can’t be beat.

Junk food will not nourish you,
In fact, it will deprive;
Your body needs the proper fuel,
If you want to thrive.

Eat mostly food that comes from plants,
Red and orange and green;
With only one ingredient,
Like pear or tangerine.

No artificial colors,
No words you can’t pronounce;
Just wholesome clean ingredients,
Real food in every ounce.

And please avoid all GMO’s
They will not serve you well.
Their toxic brew disrupts your gut
And damages your cells.

So please don’t get so busy
That you just don’t have the time
To feed your body what it needs
and keep it working prime.

God made us in His image,
So let us not delay;
Let’s take care of our temples,
Tomorrow and today!

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