It’s a rare treat for me to fly first class. Thanks to my frequent flyer hubby, I got to sprawl out up front on my last flight.

I could definitely get used to the extra room, the real dishes, and the hot hand towels!

While meals are no longer a thing in coach, they actually still serve food up front. Who knew? But looks can be deceiving friends. Not all that glitters is gold. You can dress up airplane food on fancy dishes and serve it on a white tablecloth but make no mistake – a first class ticket doesn’t get you first class ingredients. Not even close.

What’s lurking in that upscale meal? Let’s take a look.

First, the salad dressing. Seriously one of the worst labels I’ve ever seen. The first (and therefore most abundant) ingredient is soybean oil. Truth be told, most salad dressings are made with soy or canola. Why? It’s c.h.e.a.p. And unless it’s organic (it wasn’t), you can bet your bottom dollar its genetically modified (GMO) and sprayed with glyphosate – you know…the cancer causing chemical in Round Up.

Speaking of cancer. Its October. So Delta (and a gazillion other companies) are pushing pink ribbons. If they care so much about cancer, how about instead of sporting pink shirts and printing pink napkins, they spend a few bucks upgrading their salad ingredients with oils that nourish and help the body heal?

I digress.

After soybean oil, we have water and then corn syrup. Yep, good ol’ GMO corn that has the insecticide built right into the plant itself. When a bug takes a bite, the corn pokes holes in the bugs stomach and kills the bug. Know anyone with leaky gut?

Moving on.

Maltodextrin…is used as a thickener, preservative, or filler in many processed foods. Often made from GMO corn, it can spike blood sugar, mess with your microbiome, and has no nutritional benefit.

Carageenan…an inflammatory thickener and binder derived from seaweed.

Natural and artificial flavors…are both concocted in a lab and, of course, are not there for their health benefits (since there are none). But there are plenty of potential downsides.

Polysorbate 60, Potassium sorbate (preservative), and Calcium Disodium EDTA (added to protect quality), and the list goes on.

Quality? What quality? (Snarky remark. Sorry. Not sorry.)

Here’s the thing, ladies. None of these items are ingredients you’d find in your kitchen. Any package with a list this long with words I don’t understand, is a “no thank you” in my book. My body is a temple, not a repository for sub-par toxic ingredients designed for junk products to sit on a shelf without rotting.

Next up: Tortilla Strips

Another dose of gmo corn, plus canola oil (most likely also GMO since it’s not organic) and topped with cancer-causing artificial colors.

Now hear me on this. I’m not writing this to pick on Delta. I’m glad they spend most of their energy making sure their airplanes are in top working order and their staff knows how to get me from point A to point B. I don’t expect a big corporate conglomerate to be concerned about serving top notch salads – though it sure would be nice if they did.

Until then, I’ll skip the dressing and leave the toppings. I’d rather eat dry lettuce than greens doused in chemically-flavored and preserved gmo oils.

Why? Because food is for nourishment and artificial ingredients don’t do that. Instead of nourishing our cells, products like these add to the toxic load our bodies have to get rid of.

Instead of a blessing, it’s a burden.

It’s not up to Delta to provide first class dressings for me. It’s up to me (and you) to say ‘no thank you when artificial ingredients show up masquerading as a first-class entrée.

P.S. The flight attendant just came by with the snack basket. I picked a beautifully ripe banana. Perhaps there’s hope yet!

P.P.S. Until recently, I made my own salad dressing because it was impossible to find one in the grocery store that wasn’t made with unhealthy cheap oils. I’m happy to say there is now a brand I trust called Primal Kitchen.

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