* This is the third post in a series about “What I want my kids to know before they leave the nest.”

Is it just me or is time moving faster than it used to? It feels like I turn around and another year has come and gone. If I’m not careful, I lose sight of my priorities and end up following rabbit trails that lead nowhere.

That’s not how I want to live. I don’t want my attention to be hijacked by every shiny object that crosses my path. I don’t want to let the enemy rob me of becoming who God created me to be or stop me from doing what I was designed to do.

I’m not one for new years resolutions, but this year I needed a reset. So I’m taking a look at my priorities and making a plan to make sure they get the bulk of my time and attention.

What are priorities? Good question. I’m glad you asked. 🙂 I define priorities as the people and projects God has ordained for me in this season.

Today, I’m asking myself TWO questions and pondering the answers. If you’re in need of some re-focusing, you can ask yourself the same questions. Let’s start with the first one:

1. Am I loving the people Jesus told me to love?
He said to love the Lord your God…and love your neighbor as yourself. (Luke 10:27) In short: Love God. Love others. Love yourself.

Love God

Am I talking with Him, reading His Word, getting to know Him better each day? Am I staying connected to the vine (John 15:1-17) so that His love will produce good fruit in my life to feed others. Am I worshiping Him by offering my body as a living sacrifice? Am I dedicating all of me and everything I have (time, attention, resources) 100% to Him and actually living that way? (Romans 12:1)

Love Others

Loving God can sound easy. He loves me. And He’s perfect. (What’s not to love?) But people aren’t.

So, I’m asking God to help me:

In other words, Lord, help me invest in others with my time, attention, and resources.

Love yourself

At first glance, this can sound selfish. But is it?

It’s often easy to see others as worthy of care, but sometimes hard to see ourselves that way. Yet here’s what Jesus says:

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. – Luke 10:27

Lord, help me invest the time, attention, and resources necessary to take good care of myself just as I do for others. Help me see that taking care of myself is essential for serving people well. (We will talk about some ways we can care for ourselves next week!)

To review, the first question I asked myself above is whether or not I’m loving God, others, and myself. The second is:

2. Am I doing the projects He is asking me to be about in this season?

What do I mean by projects? I’m talking about doing the work God has given me to do.

Creating the heavens and the earth was one of God’s projects. He took joy in His work, finished it, and called it good. Jesus glorified the Father by completing the work He gave him to do. (John 17:4)

I want that too. I want to be intentional and diligent. I want to finish the work He’s given me to do.

Lord, help me invest my time, attention, and resources in doing the work you’re asking me to be about in this season. Help me stay focused and not to be drawn off course following shiny objects.

So here’s what I tell my kids:

  • Love people – God, others, and yourself.
  • Do projects.
  • Invest your time, attention, and resources into the priorities – people and projects – God has ordained for you in your current season.
  • Don’t get distracted by shiny objects.
  • If you get sidetracked, hit the reset button, remind yourself of your priorities, and get back on track – just like I am today!

Lord, help me devote my time, attention, and resources to the people and projects you’re asking me to be about in this season! Amen.

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