Ok, friends…can I be honest with you? It feels vulnerable share this part of our story. If I hadn’t already posted part I, I probably would have shared a muffin recipe instead. Ain’t nobody gonna judge me for blueberry muffins, right? LOL! But God dreams? Well…who knows?

The story I wrote about last week – and continue this week – was a season of stretching for us. Big stretching. Have you been there? Yes? Me too. And truth be told, I’m being stretched again. Different circumstances, but God is doing some things in me right now that are challenging me to the core. It’s all good. But it’s not easy.  I really don’t how this blog will unfold over time, but for today…I’m sharing something that stretches me to share…and may stretch you to read.  So, here’s to stretching! Part II 😊

Do you ever have God dreams? Dreams that wake you up in the night and beg to be understood?

I usually don’t. But I did once. And that’s how the story continues…

In April (2008) I had a vivid dream. It was so real. It was the middle of the night, but I woke up right after the dream and immediately asked God to show me what it meant.

The dream went like this:

Our family of four was floating individually down a calm river. Then all of a sudden it turned into a rushing river and we were scared, separated from each other, and getting tossed about. We went around a hairpin curve. Then, after awhile, the river turned calm again. I remember thinking how much better it would have been if we’d have been together in a raft or a boat. It wouldn’t have been as scary –  and perhaps we could have even enjoyed the rushing river rapids.

Then I woke up and asked God to show me what the dream meant. Here’s what He revealed to me that night:

“There is a season quickly approaching that will be like the rushing river rapids. You need to stick together as a family – the four of you need to be in the same boat traveling together. This will be a time that binds you together as a family and strengthens your trust and dependence on Me.  At first it may look tempting to go directly to the land by simply cutting across the peninsula inside the hairpin curve. However, if you choose to take the short cut, you will miss out on learning how to flow with the river (the Spirit) and you will not be prepared for what is coming next – the season after the rapids. Though it seems simple to cross the land and avoid the rapids, looks can be deceiving. There are high treacherous banks to climb and a dense forest to cross though you cannot see that from where you are now. It would require much self-reliance and striving. It would divide your family and would not teach you the lessons you will learn from the river.”

Remember, we had a knowing we’d be moving to the country to have more land. We were excited to get there. We had started looking at properties. And then this dream comes along and God says…“Hey…you’re going to get to the land…but first you’ve got some things to learn.”

Then I saw our house sitting in the river like a great big cruise ship. The house could not move forward. It was far too large and cumbersome to be able to travel down that river. It looked ridiculous. I knew we had to jump out of the ship (our house) and into a smaller boat (the RV) and let the river bring us to the land.

This dream was like no other. I wrote down the details the next morning. It permeated my thoughts and was in the back of my mind for months. It stayed with me. It was an invitation from God – an opportunity to flow with the River (the Holy Spirit).

Would we accept this invitation? Perhaps. But first we had to count the cost. So we prayed. And pondered. And wondered…what if we decided to jump out of the ship (our house), get into that raft (RV) and learn the lessons of the River?

Don’t you just love how God is always teaching us, cheering us on, and helping us grow? He’s a proud papa smiling from ear to ear as we continue to become more and more, step by step, the people He created us to be.

So now I’ll ask you…

  • How has God been stretching you?
  • What do you need to learn before you step into your next season?
  • What is He teaching you right now?

What’s next? Part III