Short recap: First, the disconnect, then the dream, and now…the diving in. Side note: Lately, I’m realizing I need to get better at taking action. I can be a serious overthinker. I get stuck in analysis paralysis. I love to ponder and plan. But without action, what good are my plans? How many things have I missed out on because I never took the leap of faith? (Preaching to myself 😊) Back to the story…

It was now the end of July (2008). The summer was fading and we were growing weary of living in the unknown. Rich and I spent a week at Lake Superior celebrating our 20th anniversary and crying out to God to make it clear to us what this coming year was to be about. RV or something else? Are we supposed to do this or not? We laid it all at the feet of Jesus and asked Him to bring clarity.

Then, we decided to read and discuss the scriptures from the Torah schedule for that week. Imagine our surprise as we read Numbers 33! It’s a record of the Israelite’s journey out of Egypt, through the desert, and into the Promised Land. It reads like this:

After leaving Rameses, the Israelites set up camp at Succoth.
Then they left Succoth and camped at Etham…
They left Etham and camped new Migdol…

It goes on like this for 44 verses! It’s their whole itinerary as they camped their way through the desert before going into the Promised Land! Verse after verse, the word “camped” jumped off the page at us. Was he bringing us out of Egypt, through the desert (a place of testing, growing, and maturing), and then to the Promised Land? (In hindsight, that’s exactly what He was doing.) These scriptures were yet another confirmation (we needed a lot of reassurance!) that God was saying, “yes”.

The next few weeks were filled with anticipation. Have you ever stood at the edge of a diving board with that feeling – wanting to jump, yet not quite sure? Should we, shouldn’t we? At some level, we knew we would take this leap of faith, but yet there was still a feeling of “is that you, God?”

We looked at RV’s off and on throughout the summer, but never very seriously. It was overwhelming – so many choices and so much to consider. We had no clue what we were looking for. Yet, we had peace that if God was really in this, He’d lead us to the RV for us.

Then on Sunday, August 10th – with the dream and the “camping” scriptures fresh in our minds – we were once again perusing the internet for RV’s. Only this time one popped of the screen – a 2007 Newmar All-Star! It was love at first sight! Rich had already gone to bed, so I emailed the listing to him and said, This is it! I looked at the pictures, then back at the listing. And then, oh no, what’s this? It said, “sale pending.” What’s up with that? I sent a message to the dealership simply asking if it was still available.

The next morning I got a reply saying someone had already put money down and they were set to close on August 22nd – but if I wanted to be notified if something changed, to let her know…so I said, “Yes, let me know.”

Then I prayed a flippant (and apparently powerful) little prayer:

“God, if that is the motorhome we are supposed to have, then I pray that sale falls through.”

I kid you not…two hours later I received the following email from Susan at Howard RV Center in Wilmington, NC:

Dear Connie,

Guess What? The gentleman that had put the deposit on this All Star just called and cancelled his purchase. He is in the military and was notified yesterday that he was being transferred to Hawaii in six weeks.

So, what can I tell you about this coach? It has TV’s everywhere, In-Motion Satellite, Power Awning, Convection/Microwave Oven, low mileage, etc.

I sold this coach brand new so I do know the history and what kind of work has been done to it. I even have the service records for it.

Let me know what you think,


Wow! So now what? I guess we go see it! We flew to North Carolina. Saw it. Liked it. Came home. Made an offer. I guess we’re actually doing this! We’re divin’ in!

Two weeks later, the four of us drove 1,400 miles to Wilmington, NC, to pick up our house on wheels. We parked it at the Maple Grove KOA campground (near our home), packed up our suburban house, and put it on the market. Yes, we put it up for sale. We were on our way to the promised land and the house wasn’t coming along.

By mid-October, we threw a bon voyage party, said goodbye to friends and family, climbed into our new home, and drove away from life as we knew it.

It was a step-by-step walk of faith that led us to take the leap into the River that would prepare us and bring us to the land. Dive became our theme song for good reason!

Yes, I know it sounds crazy…we’ll address that in Part 4 🙂