Many people thought our leap of faith was crazy. Well, let me tell you, it felt a bit crazy too! We are fully aware that most “normal” people do not do such things. As you already know, we didn’t scheme this up and then set out to make it happen. Our dearest friends can attest to the fact that we didn’t head into this on a whim. It was only our sincere desire to listen to and obey God that led us to climb into a 300 square foot house on wheels and trust Him to lead the way.

If you don’t believe the Bible is true (or that God still speaks to His people today), then pointing out biblical examples isn’t going to help you understand our story. But if you are willing to consider a few examples, you’ll soon see that God has been leading His people throughout history in ways that – at the time – must have seemed crazy.

  • Abraham left Ur (where he lived with his family and was very prosperous) to walk to a land he did not know because he heard the Lord speak to him.
  • Noah spent years building an ark on dry ground before anyone had ever even seen rain because He heard the Lord speak to him. (What do you think his neighbors thought?)
  • Moses went back to Egypt to speak to Pharaoh about letting his people go after God spoke to him in a burning bush! (Talk about weird?)
  • And how about those crazy Israelites marching around Jericho? (I bet they looked like idiots to the people inside the city…until the walls fell down!)

As for paying attention to dreams

  • Joseph stayed with Mary who was pregnant with a baby that wasn’t his because God spoke to him in a dream.
  • Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt in order to protect Jesus because God spoke to him in a dream.
  • God gave Joseph another dream telling him it was safe to return to Israel, and yet another dream telling him exactly where to go.
  • And how about Joseph (son of Jacob) with his coat of many colors and the dreams involved in his life?

It’s always in our best interest to listen to and obey the voice of God. What would have become of Noah and his family if he hadn’t built the ark? God always has a way of accomplishing His purposes, but what if Moses hadn’t gone back to set his people free?

I’m sure God would have found another way, but dang…in hindsight, I bet Moses is SO glad he stepped WAY outside his comfort zone to be a leader in one of the most incredible events in history! He had a choice. God didn’t make him do it. He decided to do it. I bet he’s really happy he didn’t choose to play it safe.

I mean really! He gets to tell his story for all eternity. It’s a lot more exciting to say “I walked through the Red Sea on dry ground with Egyptian chariots chasing me” than “I ran away from Egypt and spent the rest of my earthly life wandering in the desert until I died. The end.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we should do crazy things for no reason. And I’m not saying we should be dissatisfied with normal life. I’m saying sometimes God asks us to do things that are outside our comfort zone – and we’re not sure we have what it takes to do it  – but we need to do it anyway. (Preaching to myself, Lord help me!)

It’s been just over a decade now since we headed out to a land we did not know. I can tell you with no reservations that we have zero regrets about taking that leap of faith – to walk in obedience to what God was asking us to do – even though it seemed crazy at the time. There are so many blessings that happened in the course of our two years on the road and blessings continue to flow as a result of that time.

We learned so much about ourselves and each other. Our faith grew exponentially. We were united as a family (priceless). We learned we can live with a lot less stuff than we ever thought possible. And so much more!

We needed to learn those lessons to be ready for the next season.

Did we get to the land? We did! In 2011, we bought a five-acre hobby farm where we quickly acquired a few chickens, horses and dairy goats. Did we have any farming experience? Nope. But when you follow God into the unknown – you find out He provides everything you lack. More on that later too.

You know what I’m beginning to understand? This life here on earth is a process of refinement. God wants us to THRIVE! He wants us to be who He created us to be – and do what He designed us to do. He’s always helping us to grow into our next season. (Ooohhh…more on that later too – new season staring me in the face…you too?)

God has an infinite number of ways of accomplishing His purposes in our lives. All we have to do is say yes.

Crazy? Perhaps, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When people thought we were crazy all those years ago, there’s a song that made me smile. And it still does! If you have 3 minutes, take a listen to this song. If you’re visual, you can follow along with the lyrics here.

What seed has God planted in your heart that seems “crazy”? Leave a comment or send me an email!