Wellness Warriors Class

Are you fatigued, frazzled, or fed up trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Do you need to hit the reset button and get back on track?

Wellness Warriors is a 6 week wellness adventure (think class + support group) to help you establish diet and lifestyle habits so you can thrive and enjoy life.

Wellness Warriors is not your typical health class. Yes, we learn about nutrition (my favorite subject) and food is foundational to wellness. But it’s more than food.

It’s about:

– learning to eat, cleanse, move, and rest – all in rhythm.

– caring for your whole self – spirit, soul, and body

– being grounded in the truth of God’s word (the Bible).

– belonging to tribe of women who want to be well and encouraging one another along the way.

If you desire to live life on purpose, come join us!


Begins January 14, 2019! Join our email list and we will let you know when registration opens.


We offer two options: a combination In-person/On-line class in Corcoran, MN, as well as an On-line Only option.
Our private on-line group facilitates discussion and questions throughout the course.


Wellness Warriors is a fit if you want to:
⦁ Be well in spirit, soul, and body
⦁ Work real food into real life
⦁ Connect with other Wellness Warriors
⦁ Be grounded in God’s word
⦁ Invest in yourself, thrive & enjoy life!

Wellness Warriors Includes

  • Step-by-step daily lessons
  • Transformational tools to move you toward wellness
  • Private on-line group for sharing and questions


Registration Opening Soon


On average it takes about 20-30 minutes per day.

Wellness Warriors uses a private Facebook group to facilitate conversation. If you do not use Facebook, consider opening an account just for the course. You do not have to use it publicly.

If you have a desire to do Wellness Warriors, but cannot afford the full tuition, please contact me. Scholarships are available.


Wellness Warriors is a 6 week journey toward wellness. Throughout the course you will not only be learning about the pillars of health, but actually implementing these principles into your daily life. Information is available everywhere. Transformation is what we are after!

Our adventure begins as we establish a foundation and framework on which to build. We discuss core beliefs about wellness, take a survey to identify your next step, and implement key tools to carry you through the course and beyond.

You’ll consider who are, the vision for your life, your dreams for the future, your current priorities, how you use your time, and how to live a life in rhythm.

Next, we get back to the basics of nutrition. We’ll talk what to look for and what to avoid, simple ways to work whole foods into real life, and how to hit the reset button.

We’ll discuss a variety of ways to cleanse and detoxify – get rid of the garbage – in spirit, soul, and body.

We live in a noisy world that sees busy as a badge of honor. But is it? This week we’ll talk about ways to incorporate sleep, silence, and Sabbath into your wellness routine.

Exercise. Why is it so hard? Let’s take a look at what it means to move in spirit, soul, and body. Hint: It’s easier than you think!

Facilitator: Connie Bendickson

Questions?  Contact Us.