Square Root Wellness

Square Root Wellness offers on-line and in-person classes
to help women make wellness a way of life in spirit, soul, and body.

Connie Bendickson

As a natural health educator and cooking coach, I love to come alongside women who want to thrive by making the diet and lifestyle changes that lead to wellness.

Though food is my passion, I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. I love to teach others how to get back to the basics and make healthy eating simple, nutritious, and delicious.

I grew up in my parents’ small town café, married Rich (my high school sweetheart), and graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in Accounting. I gave up corporate America to be a homeschool mom (total blessing)! Now that my kids are healthy-eating young adults, I get to devote my time and attention to helping women make wellness a way of life for themselves and their families.

Like many in the wellness world, I experimented with a wide range of dietary preferences over the years – from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to vegan and everything in between. Ultimately, my food philosophy boils down to eating real food. I currently feel best eating primarily paleo with some Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) principles incorporated. Getting off gluten and dairy made a huge difference for me (and my son). I also avoid corn, soy, and nightshades due to food sensitivities. Basically, I eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, clean meats, pastured eggs, a few nuts and seeds, and gluten-free grains on occasion. I love the simplicity of eating this way and though I have restrictions, I’m thrilled with the abundant variety of foods I eat – delicious and nutritious!

While nutrition is foundational to wellness, it’s not everything. Other lifestyle factors greatly influence our health such as movement, cleansing, rest, and rhythm. In addition, we must care for all three parts of us – spirit, soul, and body – if we want to be well. Developing healthy habits in each of these areas is an ongoing journey that we cover in our flagship class: Wellness Warriors.

If you’re curious about credentials, I hold a traditional naturopathy degree  from Trinity School of Natural Health, am a graduate of the AFMCP® course through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and am a Whole30 Certified Coach. (I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease, nor prescribe or dispense any prescription drugs.)

Being in the trenches myself, feeding my family whole foods in the midst of a fast-food culture, finding ways to accommodate food sensitivities, and learning to take responsibility for my own health is instrumental in how I support others on their wellness journey.

I love to come alongside moms who want to get their kids hooked on healthy food so they can thrive!

Losing both of my parents to cancer inspires me to lead a local HealingStrong group to connect, support and educate people who are choosing natural healing for cancer and other diseases.

Are you ready to thrive – not just survive? Join our next class and take your next step toward making wellness a way of life!